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    I am still holding out hope that he gets the franchise tag and signs a long term deal after the Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, and Derek Carr deals are done. They will provide a baseline for them to hammer something out.

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    This might finally be the straw that breaks the camels back that is my fandom. I’ve been a fan since the early ’80s and if the Skins don’t get this done, I’m moving on. I can’t waste the rest of my life rooting for such a dysfunctional franchise. It’s put up or shut up time Skins.

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    Playin QB in the League is harder than brain surgery. Do you want someone who has never done it…surgery…before as head of staff for your hospital?
    Many successful QB’s have had the luxury and common-sense apprenticeship it takes in learning the trade before facing malpractice suits. The Skins need to focus on life after Kirk. Get committed to the 18-22 seasons now.

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    Synder also didn’t like Brad Johnson. Both QBs lacked the “cool” factor that the owner craves. Meanwhile the Skins will set the market for the talented but troubled players other teams pass on.

    Almost 20 years now and Synder still hasn’t figured out the character piece to running the franchise.

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    I think the Skins’ management is still trying to look like the “smartest guys in the room.” It’s almost as if they care more about how the other NFL front offices and ESPN view them than they do about winning games.

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    Matt D.

    Kirk is the same caliber QB that Joe Flacco is. Is he going to carry the whole team to a Super Bowl every year? No. But if the chips fall right, he can certainly get you there and win the game. Joe bet on himself with the Ravens and got a ring and then a big payday. Kirk has done the same, and he’s going to get a big payday here or somewhere else. He’s a top 10 starter and deserves the money, if he doesn’t get it from Snyder, then the franchise deserves another 20 year walk in the wilderness looking for a QB.

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      gary veatch

      As a Lifelong Cowboys fan, I find it funny, and hard to believe the Modern Redskins always try to “Out-stupid” Jerrah

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    Joe Mama

    My fanhood will survive whatever happens to Kirk. I even feel that we deserve some sort of karmic retribution in the form of Kirk moving onto be coached by one of the OC’s that believed in him before we all believed in him.
    I understood that Kirk was better than some of his early bad games suggested. At the same time, I don’t feel too impressed by hitting open WR’s against Green Bay while only scoring 10 points in week 17 against a bags-packed opponent.
    If our coaches could squeeze the Kirk we saw play against Dallas on Thanksgiving into other big games then no one would worry about bad kirk anymore.
    Anyway, it’s irrelevant. QB’s are super valuable. We saw that with Osweiler. Teams will pay for a QB that hints at adequacy. Kirk has gone beyond that and deserves to get paid bigly. Redskins should know this.

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    Try being a Bears’ fan… We paid dearly for our QB that was billed as a stud… and there he sat. Smokin’ Jay.


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