Adults Behaving Badly


One day when I was trying to explain this listener trip I take with an FM morning show out of Milwaukee to Mexico, I stumbled upon a quote that some people have taken a liking to. It’s basically this: “Old people, are just young people… who have been around a long time.”

It’s intended to be quasi-Yogi-Berra-ish in it’s self-evident nature.

These people who come on this trip, are generally…. old. As in… nobody younger than 35. These are married couples who have had their kids, and are on the verge of retirement. Many are grandparents.

They do not act… like grandparents.

They get on vacation here in the warm sun of Mexico, and it’s like senior year in high school all over again. Which is great. Because as I get older and older myself  (48 baby, a true “68-86’er”!) I know that my own “inner idiot” is still just beneath the surface of Mr. Responsible Family Man With A Job!

I don’t FEEL old. At least not after 10 in the morning! And that’s the key. These Bob and Brian listeners are amazing. We’ve got 204 of them this year (the group started at 93 four years ago) and they do not slack off while down here!

Anyway, I know that other radio shows do cruises, and trips, and what not… but I would stack these hard drinking cheeseheads up against anybody.

They aint’ old…. they’ve just been around a long time.



  1. We are over in Isla Mujeres, stinking gorgeous weather. Just ignore that “check liver” light when it comes on.

  2. Czabe,

    Being a fellow drone pilot, I was wondering what your take is on drone’ing in Riviera Maya. We’ll be heading down their next month and I was thinking about bringing my Mavic Pro down for some unforgettable scenery shots. But I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that everyone sneers at as he’s trying to quietly exit the beach with a full SD card and a couple of spent battery packs.



  3. Great video Czabe…loved the show again this year down in Mexico. I really need to join you all next year! I gotta go…you are on in 1 min!!!

  4. Met the crew at this last Spring Bend. I’m shy so stayed a bit in the background but did interact with Carrie, Bob, Brian and you Czab. You nailed it on the description of those who are fans and attended these Spring Bend trips. You were like a kid which is great! Back to the realities of a grown up until next year.


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