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    While I too thought it was a good segment, I don’t think it is fair to call Nobilo a Tiger apologist and not also state that Chamblee is a long-time Tiger hater. That doesn’t mean he is wrong in this instance, but he has certainly gone out of his way to find any opportunity to bash Tiger in the past.

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    Steve B

    So will Golf Channel fire Chamblee for not praising the almighty Tiger. I am so sick of golf announcers defending Tiger for his bad play. More people need to come out and criticize him more. If he is hurt why did he even play this week.? The worst part is he keeps getting headlines on the big E while other golfers are playing better then him. I admit I’ve never really been a big Tiger fan, mainly due to all the coverage he gets even when he has no chance in winning. Yeah he has been great for the game of golf, but focus on the new stars of the Tour. Get people to know their names and maybe that will help keep people watching.

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    Chris Kowitz

    I agree, we want more of this. It’s worthless to interview Tiger because he tells you nothing of substance. It’s like he went to the Bull Durham school of interviewing. It was good to see Brandel and Rich essentially speaking the truth and sticking to their guns while the other 2 looked like paid apologists for Tiger.

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    Now see ….. If I could be guaranteed debates like this on a regular basis, I’d most certainly tune in to the Golf Channel more often.

    That was good stuff.


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