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    rich m

    and the rushed finished almost cost Rory the major. He was feet from being in the water on his drive.

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    It is great to see Rory finally get his game to the level that most golf fans knew was looming as he worked his way onto the tour. His touch is remarkable… that the “it” factor that so few golfers have. The ability to really work the course.

    As a Tiger fan, I have no idea why anyone’s expectations of Tiger were better than a +5 “MC” due to the fact that he rolled out a 9-hole practice round before lacing it up. Regardless of how he looked, you’re not going to be in contention on a pro course when you have no idea what’s looming in front of you, especially on a pro course layout. Main thing… he needs to play more. Which means he will get beat more, but he’s not mentally and physically in game shape. That doesn’t mean he’ll win 15 more majors, but he’s gotta get his shape back before winning gets close.

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    Tom Owens

    Imagine if Rory’s tee shot HAD gone into the water on 18 instead of hanging on the edge. THEN we would have had something to talk about forever. If he makes bogey or double and let’s Phil tie or pass him. OMG the talkerazzi would have had a field day.


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