The “Bronconeers” Are My New Favorite Football Team


My god, somebody should start selling logo merchandise with that name!

I don’t want to write too much here before you watch this spoof of Friday Night Lights. There’s a pretty good “Then one time at band camp…” surprise joke that is worth preserving.

I think I love this bit for just how well it nails the vibe of the show. A show, by the way, that my WIFE (the non-sports fan) has watched religiously through to the end, while I have only caught dribs and drabs.

And yeah, I KNOW: “You… YOU.. haven’t watched FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?!”

People, look. There’s a LOT of TV shows I haven’t watched. At least give me some credit for finally scratching through “Breaking Bad” even though I’m only through Season 2, a full two years after it went off the air.

The reason I don’t watch more hit TV shows, is a simple matter of time in the day. And, of course, TV watching priorities. I don’t mean to sound like my life is more busy or demanding than anyone else’s (it’s not, I know that). It’s just that I feel guilty for every missed quarter of every missed game, spent doing something that a married family man with two daughters is bound to have to do in life.

By the time I feel like I can “wander” a bit from sports on TV, I’m lucky if I can plow through my DVR episodes the one non-sports show I marginally keep up with while it’s happening: “Deadliest Catch.” (Which is somehow, almost inexplicably, even better than ever, despite the cliched and predictable problems that Bering Sea crabbing presents year, after year, after year!)

So yeah, “Friday Night Lights.” It’s on my list. Connie F’ing Britton. One of my all-time, age appropriate redheaded faves. And yeah, “Breaking Bad.” And yeah, “Better Call Saul.” And yeah, “Mad Men.”

And I’ve heard about “The League” and would consider it.

I’m doubtful I’ll ever scratch “House of Cards” or “Sons of Anarchy.” Sorry, fans of both.

Then I want to also go back and watch “Sopranos” and “Deadwood” from stem to stern, only this time with a big yellow notepad taking copious notes on every great scene and epic piece of dialogue in both.

Oh wait… never mind. Somebody did that with the Sopranos. Done in 9 easy minutes!


  1. IMO, best Al Swearengen quote: “Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you’ve got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man… and give some back.”

    The look he gives Merrick through the advice… then gets up to walk away… then makes a turnback like he’s going to give Merrick a little more physicality.

  2. Sons of Anarchy is easy. Just think The Sopranos and substitute motorcycles and leather for Italian accents and long coats. When you get to Breaking Bad season 5 leave yourself two or three days (vacation?) and watch it back to back. The last 8 episodes are some of the best TV ever.


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