Warren Sapp Slowly Realizes He’s A Complete Idiot


This video is priceless. And unlike the Britt McHenry video that showed her not committing any crime, I have no sympathy for Sapp.

“Put a prison jumpsuit on! if you’re so tough! Put a jumpsuit on!”


  1. Not much will happen to Sapp but it is still awesome. As a Packer fan I hated him but that hate when up 100 times after the Clifton hit. 30 or 40 yards away from the ball. With clear intent to injure.

    He should’ve been in jail for that alone. I hope he gets trained in jail.

  2. Robert is 100% right. It’s one thing to give an account of what you saw but if you are brought in for “questioning” about something you were involved in, ALWAYS invoke your right to have an attorney. Never, never, never talk to the cops alone. They are very good at making the suspect feel as though they are there to help them. NOT!!

  3. Hey Czabe. While you’re on the topic of idots, tell that dipshit “Tick Tock” the NFL just suspended Greg Hardy for 10 games. That’s a whole lotta suspendin goin on… and a shitload a lot of money that Hardy won’t be paid. The Cowboys look like complete morons, which is nice.

    I’m sure he’ll win an open and shut wrongful termination lawsuit against the NFL though since he did nothing wrong. Do your shitbag defenders do civil cases or just criminal ones?

    Hahahahahaha…. I hate being right all the time.


  4. Jordana,
    The NFL suspends guys that wear the wrong colored shoes, don’t have there socks pulled up and whatever else little infraction they can siphon $ from so your logic of using the NFL as a guideline is seriously flawed.
    You and Nancy Grace really need to have a sit down and fix all the ills in this world.
    Once again Hardy was not convicted of anything in a COURT OF LAW dumbass!!!
    The court of the NFL’s public opinion?? Well if that’s what you consider the law then that’s your prerogative retard.

    You are so stupid. You think the cowboys care if he’s suspended 10 games mornon?? Like that team is the moral compass of the league. They don’t pay him and they have him for the playoff stretch run,,,, god you are an imbecile. Do you know sports at all???? Or economics??? Maybe when you get to 6th grade you’ll cover all that.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m sure you got to go pack some old ladies groceries while I gotta go punch your sister in the head a couple more times.

  5. Jordana,
    the NFL suspends guys that wear the wrong colored shoes, don’t have their socks pulled up to the proper length and whatever else little infraction they can siphon $ from. so you logic is seriously flawed nimwit.

    You and Nancy Grace really need to sit down and solve the worlds ills.

    Once again dumbass hardy was not convicted in a COURT OF LAW!
    the court of NFL public opinion and jordana’s opinion?? he’s already been lynched.

    you are so stupid. you think the cowboys care one iota if he’s suspended for 10 games. they don’t pay him for ten games and they have him for the stretch playoff push….win win for the boys.
    do you know anything about sports or economics?? maybe when you get to 6th grade they’ll cover that and puberty for ya..

  6. Hardy WAS convicted in a court of law ….. charges subsequently dismissed at the appeal for lack of interest from the victim – presumably she got a verrrrry favorable settlement to the civil suit. Just amazing what cash can buy.

  7. Mark, don’t try to reason with dick tock. Build a brick wall and argue with it instead. He’s truly a blithering nimrod and once again, he’s been parroting Czaban’s thoughts from day one regarding Hardy, ie, he was framed by a gold digger or whatever. Abject idiocy on full frontal display for very few to see (thankfully).

    I recall a day when this blog said guys who get beyond hammered and drive should be absolutely crushed by the NFL (NBA, MLB,etc.) as a means of strongly deterring such potentially disastrous and perhaps even fatal conduct (you remember: the Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth days…) Now he whores for DUI lawyers while excuse making for shitbags like Hardy. What a complete sellout, shame, and a joke.

    No wonder I never listen anymore. Jay Weber isn’t a fraud or a joke. Take care then. Buh bye now. Sleep tight. 🙂

  8. Jordana,
    you are a complete fool.
    you call czabe and this blog a sellout shame and joke?
    u never listen anymore??? ha ha good one guy.
    why you check up on it 10 times a day than dumbass?
    sounds to me like your the joke and sellout.
    keep your head up girlfriend.
    now if you’ll excuse me I gotta go punch your sister in the head a couple more times.

  9. yo dicky tock, why yo ain’t got no gramma skills an shit?

    Actually I only check in here when events warrant you chizzle dick. Like the next time Hardy makes a complete ass of himself (today) I may stop by. Till then, fuck off 🙂

  10. One other thing. For one who constantly brings up the complete cultural rot and social dysfunction when it comes to pro athletes (Q:Why did ESPN cancel Players? A: Because it wasn’t realistic enough… LoL…HAHAhahahahahaha).

    Then to rip the NFL for having “witch tribunals” (or whatever) is intellectually dishonest. Either you want the cultural rot and dysfunction dealt with severely or not. Beating chicks and driving while hammered is despicable behavior or not. Take your pick. Quit the duplicitous two faced shit. Oh wait, you can’t. You’re on the payroll of a DUI/criminal/felony firm.

    Truth out.

  11. ha ha Jordana’s back posting on the blog she despises and states she’s thru with.
    Yo girlfriend your fans on Ellen’s and Martha’s blog miss u.

  12. Two points moron:

    a) You’re an illiterate dumbfuck
    2) If you are typical of the commenter /reader here, I rest my case. Dipshits on parade following the leader.

  13. jordana,
    U trans gender liberal loving tree hugging no sports knowing stinky skank I’m about to knock your sister into next week girlfriend.

  14. miss jordana,
    It’s too bad u don’t follow this blog anymore, you have no idea how much I own your trans gending, no game, weak sauce ass,,, beotch!!!


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