Hockey This Bad Doesn’t Deserve Production Values This Good


Not only do video highlights of your old-ass D League rec hockey game look like they are in SLOWWWWW MOOOTTTION…. but when you put the ESPN NHL Playoffs theme to them, they look even LAMER!

That said, very proud of this crazy team of ol’ men and hopeless dreamers who took me on board this year. The Mighty Old Ducks might not always score pretty, but we are sneaky-scrappy.

Tonite, we’ve got the D-League “Game 6” against the Shamrocks, leading “3-2.” Sorta. It’s not a Best-of-7, but rather a double-elimination format. So if we lose tonite, we have one last shot to beat our nemesis who has owned us this year, or fall agonizingly short of the title.

Wish us luck! 9:20 face off in Rockville tonite. Good seats, still available.


  1. Thanks for clip! Love the stories on the show, it’s why I listen most days, you guys are relatable and enjoy the fun things in sports, and don’t take things too serious (unless required).

    Now to turn into a hockey snob. I started playing an “old-timers” (35+) league this year, like yourself first time playing organized in quite some time. This video raises some practical questions. (All in light humor of course)
    1. Names on back of jerseys, including the refs? Expecting some scouts in the stands, lol.
    2. Slap shots? There banned in most games including pickup. Based on the shots here, may save some embarrassment.
    3. Goal celebration? This may be the reason the NFL throws a flag for end zone cellies.
    4. If ya can’t skate that well, why get pissed when you fall over the goalie and start a scrum.
    5. No butterfly zone. As a fully recovered goalie, this one is nice to see, never liked the butterfly.
    6. What’s with the cages? Ya all scared of the puck or that careless with sticks? Or are the boys to pretty? (Perhaps see #2)
    7. Goal celebration? You do that in our league the night doesn’t end well.
    8. Goal celebration? Win or loose, hit the booze!. Cold beer and laughs, that’s the prize!

    Keep up the good work Czabe! Thanks for keepin it real!


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