College Football Cash Cover5 Pool -UPDATE: CLOSED!



Okay peeps, here’s how it goes.

I have a college football Cover5 cash league. It starts this Saturday. (Sorry, we’re a little too late to pick Thursday games, but pipe down, you’ll live!)

I am accepting the first 125 entrants, which matches the 125 FBS schools vying for the first ever “College Football Playoff.”

Cost: $50

To enter, here is the Delta Tau Chi GAUNTLET you must run.

1. Email me at and ask to join league.
2. You will get reply with link to sign up forĀ a Cover5 account and enter the league called “Paul Finebaum’s Skullet”.
3. If you do not get a reply, it is likely because we are FULL. I am sorry. Next year.
4. Immediately following your sign-up to the league, throw me $50 on PayPal. (My email:
5. Make SURE you send it as a “Gift” so we don’t get pinched for a transaction fee.
6. Make SURE I can reconcile your PayPal payment email, with your entry to the Cover5 site. (e.g. If you have a stealth PayPal email that is different from what you send to me to join the league.)
7. Accept the fact I am going to charge a 4.6% “Administrator Fee” for this year’s pool. (Which I’ll graciously “round down” to an even $250, making the total “pot” 6K.)
8. Make your picks on time and without handholding from me.

You need not email me any elaborate “pitch” to join this league. Just jump on in.

IF there is any problem that seems GRAVE in the next 24 hours, please bring it to my attention. Otherwise, please don’t bog me down with “where’s the button for this” or “I don’t see the link to that…”

I need some self-sufficient go-getters here people, and we’ll have a HELLUVA fun year!

The TOP FOUR point scorers for the REGULAR SEASON, will make “The Playoffs.” Then those four will play Cover5 style on the four-team playoff, with POINTS BEING RE-SET TO ZERO after the regular season.

Cover5 College Playoff Payouts
Champion: $4500
Runner Up: $1000
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: T-Shirt….. size small.

If you think I’m f***ing with you… I can assure you… I am not.

I want the four chumps in the “Playoff” to be as nervous as Jerry Sandusky in the prison showers. I want the possibility of you RUNNING AWAY with the regular season, and then f***ing it up royally in the playoff, and getting nothing but a t-shirt for your troubles.

I want pressure. I want glory. I want agony. I want tears.

So get at it people. Playing Cover5 on Saturdays is maybe more fun than Sundays. You’ll never root harder for Alabama to stomp it’s mudhole deeper into some chump FCS opponent’s face harder than you will now!


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