Cover5 Season Just Got Way Mo’ Interesting!


Radio fascinates me. Despite the fact I’ve been doing it my entire professional life.

I have a “trick” to doing my show. It goes something like this.


That’s right. Pretend like it’s just you and the fellas, shootin’ the shit. It helps to make it as natural as possible. And it also helps relax me as a host, to not worry about getting every single word right, every single sentence.

For years, I’ve been imagining that my daily three-hour show is essentially just being blasted out into thin air.

Except it’s not. People listen. I mean, they really LISTEN.

And thank GOD for that! People tune in, connect, and get addicted. But I never really believe that, until I hear from you guys (and gals) via email, with some of the most detailed, thoughtful, and appreciative letters I could ever imagine.

It’s also cool when “famous” people are listeners. Or even big fans.

Now, I say “famous” in air quotes, because everyone’s notion of “fame” is different. So when I mention the guy above who is going to be with us every week during football season, you might just say: “bwah! HE’s not FAMOUS.”


Meet Roy Wood Jr. a funny-as-hell comedian and actor who is on the fast track to “oh, yeah, I know that guy!” He’s already been on a ton of late night shows, done a lot of radio himself, and is currently on the TBS show  “Sullivan and Son.”

Turns out, he’s a big fan of the ol’ Steve Czaban Show.

When I first talked to him over the phone, it was clear he wasn’t just a “yeah I’ve heard you a few times” kind of “fan.” Oh no, he started quoting show lore, chapter and verse!

Roy said he often drove through the night from one comedy gig to another, and starved for something interesting to listen to, he found our show in the West coast overnight hours of 3-6 a.m.

He’s a Bama boy. Loves his football, and is going to be with us every Thursday.

All we need is ONE good ass-whoopin’ Roy to take to the window and make some money. If not that, we’ll settle for all the good subversive, snarky sports laughs we can get!


  1. Czabe I am excited about you adding Roy Wood Jr. to your Thursdays broadcasts. This guy is not only funny as hell he is cool as hell too. Brings some great personal insights on life, sports, relationships and pop culture so he should be a wonderful addition to your show.

    I have been a huge fan of you and the boys for at least 8 or 9 years now and a big fan of Roy’s almost as long. Thanks for an ongoing funny, informative and insightful radio program.

    Gary E.

  2. “bwah! HE’s not FAMOUS.” I was thinking more of “Hey, how bout that”

    But, It’ll probably be funny as hell. I’m In.


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