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    gary veatch

    College Gameday was a good show for a long time, but it got into the typical “you take the pro and I’ll take the con” stuff.

    It definitely jumped the shark when Desmond Howard came on board to throw crap at a wall to see if it would stick…Downward slope of the Bell Curve.

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    Haven’t checked in for a while. Nice win today for the Skins.
    Just wanted to commend you on your wonderful assessment of Greg Hardy (you and that moron who posts on here “dick tock”)…. that he was being framed by a gold digger and that chicks all across America will now simply claim abuse to extort money out of rich athletes.

    Greg Hardy is perhaps the biggest POS in the game today and should be shit canned to oblivion.. Dez Bryant looked like the good guy today, which in and of itself is simply shocking.

    I’m always right. Get used to it.

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    Funniest sign: FCS Lives Matter

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    It was difficult to find the game finally locating it on CSM-MA and, like you, surprised that there was no coverage on ESPN after hyping this all morning. That said this was apparently one of the best locations with an enthusiastic crowd for College Gameday and a good reason why quality FCS/I-AA schools like JMU should get this once in a whilte over a place like Alabama or Texas A&M. If you read some of the posts online the crowd greeting the bus in Harrisonburg on Thursday afternoon rivaled the actual show on Saturday morning at some schools.


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