Yohoonye Field Is Officially Ready For Play!


People ask me all the time: how do you spell “Yohoonye” and “Where does that name come from?”

Answers: Well, I spell it like this, because it’s a totally made up word. And this video clip of Joey Porter when he was a Steelers gave me the inspiration. When we played it on my radio show at first, we didn’t understand what the hell he was saying. It sounded like… “Yo hoo nye! Who ride? We ride! Who ride? We ride! Let’s ride on three! One-two-three-LET’S RIDE!”

It was only after several listeners who either understand “Peezy’s” dialect better – or perhaps are fluent in lockeroom-ese – that they said: “Hey dummy, he’s saying ‘Ya’ll want none!’ – like you want none of this!”

So, a stupid show phrase was born. I figured it was only appropriate to name my stupid football field after it.

So here’s the field, in the best shape it’ll be this year. The turf type tall fescue has been cut to 2″. I spent an hour leaf-blowing her clean. The paint is fresh. All photos taken with the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter.

I have a few official events scheduled for the next 6 weeks. A “dads and kids” game. Maybe an “old-man” game where we all pull a few groin muscles.

They say “If you build it, they will come.” Well, I ain’t seen the ghost of Red Grange come walking out of the woods yet with George Gipp to play a little ball. But, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

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  1. And as Czabe stood admiring his handiwork in the gloam of a Virginia autumn, a spectral figure suddenly emerged from the grove of bitternut pines at the south end, walking slowly under the goalposts and onward until he stood facing at the 50-yard line.

    “Steve Czaban.”

    “Dexter Manley.”

    “I know. I built this for you.”

  2. For the last couple of years I look forward to Fall and Yohoonye Field. I enjoy listening to all your mishaps and how crazy you get for doing your field. Yohoonye Field looks amazing. Keep the passion. HTTR

  3. Steven you did awesome job on your field. Maybe the Redskins practice field ?

    Keep up the good work on your morning show


    Kaukauna WI

  4. I hope to gosh the Bing and Google map satellites fly over on a clear day in the next week or two. That would be [i]awesome[/i]


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