Franchise Direction Changing Game Tonite


I don’t think I’m overstating it to say that a loss at home by the Packers to the Bears, will have possible huge repercussions for many people.

Sure the Pack would “only” fall to 3-3 with a “lot of season left” as they say… but let’s be honest: if they can’t/don’t beat the living shit out of dispirited, talent-poor 1-5 Bears team with Brian Hoyer at the helm?

Goodnight, Bob’s Big Boy.

You can’t possibly keep a coach like McCarthy if tonite goes south. I mean, you CAN, if you want to be stubborn and stupid. The only thing to consider is whether this season is truly “salvageable” and worth saving by trying to go with an interim guy.

Aaron Rodgers will rightfully take a lot of blame for the Fall of McCarthy. Not because he threw him under the bus in any way, but bad QB’s get coaches fired. It’s that simple.

And WHAT-IN-THE-HELL is wrong with Rodgers? Well… theories abound….

Let’s start with the Yoko Ono effect. Funny, but… I mean, c’mon. Right?

Then there’s this from former NFL personnel man Michael Lombardi.

And then there’s the “Picky Eater Theory” on Rodgers’ willingness to “throw guys open.” His aversion to INT’s – which once made him so amazingly special, and unlike the Mississippi dongslinger before him – are now his achilles heel.

Stat: Rodgers Has Had 4+ seconds to throw on 35 occasions this year (a veritable eternity in the pros) which is most in the NFL. His completion percentage on those plays? A dismal 42.9%.

Needless to say, when you get that much time, almost ALWAYS somebody breaks free from coverage. Unless… teams are just zoning the living SHIT out of you in the pass game, which it does seem teams are indeed doing to Rodgers.

Another thought from a quasi-team employee who shall remain nameless: “Unimaginative play calling is one big problem. They are fooling nobody with their offensive scheme. And I don’t think Aaron is coachable with this team anymore. Meaning that I think he still has the talent, but may need either a new coach here or another team (gasp!) to help him right the ship.”

Want a really qualified opinion? How about a borderline HOF’er who – irony alert! – was once CUT by the Packers as a 4th stringer in camp, because he was too TIMID! Take it away Kurt Warner…

No matter what is going on, we’re at DEFCON1. Either tonite he looks a helluvalot better and the Packers win comfortably, or big changes are coming. Buckle up, my Packer friends.


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