The Patriots and Their Fans Gets Simpson-ized


And it is…. GLORIOUS!

Not because I’m some rabid chowd hater. And not because I think the Patriots “cheating” (Spygate, Headsets, Deflategate, et. al.) have had more than an incidental role in their dominance.

It’s just great to see the Simpsons staff and writers lay into the whole concept of bandwagon fandom, and also to skewer Brady, Belichick and Gronk like this!

Spoiler: “Use yah NAHGGIN! Play SMAHT!” And the classic… “He’s on the RAWSTAH!”

Now, unfortunately, Fox is pretty aggressive in policing snippets of the Simpsons posted on blogs and on video sharing sites. So we’ll see how long this one sits up here without getting blasted into “File Not Found” land.

I put it on my Vimeo site, which seems to draw less incoming fire from the lawyers. And of course Vimeo has rules against this stuff. But hell, I see other people’s Vimeo accounts doing the same, so we’ll see. If I get sued and lose my account, you guys will chip in to help me, right?

Enjoy these crucial 7 minutes of Simpsons/Sports cross-pollination. I’ve saved you the other 15 minutes of mostly forgettable Boston-related storylines in the episode. (Although goofing on Candlepin Bowling, is a nice bonus!)

PS: I don’t know about you, but I would pay decent money for a foam fan-hat like Barney with the sweet Atoms “mushroom cloud.” Does it exist in real life?


  1. Hey czabe, I’m sitting here watching Fox and Joe Buck doing baseball…and truly missing You doing McCarver during the baseball playoffs every year. Hope all is well buddy

    Jubbs in DC

  2. Wow Steve. I just went down a vimeo video hole and watched several of your video posts. I urge all your fans to do that. You are a very telegenic guy; you open your world to us fans in these videos. Keep fighting that uphill battle to “get Skip Bayless money!!” Jon in Indy


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