I’ll Count This As Game Tape Which Won’t Be Very Useful To Scouts


So the NFL Draft is coming up (finally!) And nobody knows who is going first overall, and nobody knows who of these handful of players the average football fan can name can actually play on Sundays.

But rest assured: the “experts” are on the case!

And they are watching lots and lots of “film” to detect such subtle things in a prospect like “stiff hips”, “arm slot”, and “recovery speed.”

So of course, ESPN has a handy promo to remind you about this annual choose-em-up, as well as show you the kind of things that keen-eyed scouts are looking at in evaluating a player…. hey! What in Odin’s raven is THIS HOT MESS!

So yeah, if Jadaveon Clowney faces an offensive line this fall comprised of foam-stuffed pylons – AND if he’s allowed to administer closed fist slaps to their “heads” … well.. then he’s going to DOMINATE!

Okay Texans, you are on the clock. Let’s get this done, so we can all go have a summer!


  1. Additionally, perhaps he’s only effective during rain storms. What if it’s sunny outside? Could he also execute this type of maneuver with full pads on? I think not.


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