I’m Not A Zookeeper, But I Did Stay In A Holiday Inn Express Last Night


I figured there wasn’t much point in jumping on the easy pickin’s of the idiot protestors who shed their moron tears for poor Harambe the Cincinnati gorilla. You can’t reason with pure stupid. But then the internet started doing it’s magic, and I had to share these perfect responses.


And if you don’t think these animals can’t snap at any moment, then here’s just two video examples of what it would look like if you or your child were left to fend for yourself.

PS: I love how the officials in each case, try to downplay each episode. The lion handlers say it’s a “playful” thing they do to kids. Oh, ha ha! Of course! Playful! Sure. And the gorilla handlers were bragging about how that glass was SUPPOSED to break! Sure, sure.


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