“We All Live In A Captial I…. Capital I…. So High In the Sky”


Credit my co-host Mr. Scott Linn for remembering this little ditty from Sesame Street. It’s one of those dumb tunes that you will NOT be able to scrub out of your brain for quite some time once you hear it!

Why am I posting this now, you ask? Why, because the internet has now lost it’s official “Capital I” status! My word, what will the men shining the eye all day do now? Perhaps kill themselves by diving off the top of it, since their life’s work is now worthless!

The styling is being announced today at the American Copy Editors Society national conference in Portland, Oregon. The Stylebook, whose changes will go into effect when the new print edition is published on June 1, will include more than 240 new and modified entries, but clearly the other 238 are not as important as imparting the knowledge to humans—definitively—that there is a proper way to write these two ubiquitous, everyday words. Here’s me using both of them in a sentence: Every day I read stories on the web, and on weekdays, I write words for the internet. (I just can’t get enough of it.)

Such a sad fate. They just loved to polish that I, all day long. Long ladders, boredom, living in cramped quarters with 3 men… no bother. They were happy to polish that I! Now, who knows. Maybe they can start writing for the Huffington Post.


  1. Another demotion to popular culture. Sad day Internet, I mean internet. Long live the capital I.

    Add to this that we’ve demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet in recent years.

    Religious references in lower case soon to follow. Which reminds me that Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers have a wonderful song for Atheists. It is called ‘Atheists Don’t Have No Songs’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wogta8alHiU


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