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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    I think you’re playing into the narrative derived from media confusion. It’s the media folk who don’t know why people aren’t voting for another Bush or a socialist. How can Millions (yes, capital M) vote for these two and the media ask, “who is voting for them?” We, the people, voted for them. Sure, not a majority outright, but a primary for a party only, which holds no office, isn’t always a majority at first.

    The only difference between the two parties is that when self-involved Bern supporters trash a Trump rally, it’s democracy in action. When Trump supporters trash a… oh wait, republicans respect others.

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    Amen! The 1st rule should be if you don’t pay taxes, you don’t get to vote. Why should anyone who doesn’t pay into the system have anything to say about how the money is spent? That’s like asking your children about the family’s finances.

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      Brilliant Mark. Absolutely brilliant.


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