The New Phantom 3 Is Flat Out Amazing


If you don’t believe me, then check out this quick and dirty video I shot of my home course, Westfields GC in Clifton, VA.

The cinematic quality of the rock steady footage, is simply amazing. And the Phantom 3 is so much more advanced than last year’s model, I feel like I have upgraded from a 1978 Dodge Dart to a brand new Lexus LS460.

I won’t go into all the specs on how it’s better here. You can research that on your own. But when this year’s model is easily twice as good as last year’s model, requires no aftermarket parts or complicated wire splicing/soldering – AND IT COSTS LESS! – then you know DJI is kicking ass as the industry leader.

Not that they don’t have many competitors buzzing right behind them. Here’s a video of a drone that looks like it’s right out of science fiction, but apparently real!

Depending on the price of this puppy, I’m going to have to get much more creative in hiding my drone purchases from my wife. Or the government.


  1. Steve,

    If you go to the website in the video for the Lily, it says the pre-order is $499, until June 15. Then it will start increasing to the normal price of $999. Not due out until next year.

    That thing is pretty damn awesome. If i even slightly had the need for something like that, think I’d gamble on pre-ordering it.

  2. Czabe, you need to be careful about posting drone footage on your website, especially since you have advertising. The FAA (well, the whole government for that matter) has started developing more prohibitive restrictions on drone footage. You are not allowed to use drone footage supporting commercial ventures. Therefore, since your website advertises, you are essentially breaking FAA regulations and can be subject to fines and what not.

    I recommend you get your drone fix now. As time goes by, there will be more and more restrictions on where you can fly your drones.


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