The NFL’s Biggest Darkhorse Comes Galloping Home!


When training camp broke in Richmond this August, things could have hardly looked more bleak for this team. Fan attendance was pathetic (understandably) there was the pop-up Twitter scandal involving the GM and an ESPN reporter, and RG3 was toppled as the starting QB in a swift, shocking, bloodless coup.

And still… the season appeared lost at 2-4, trailing the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-0 at home. That was it. The faint pulse of this team, went to a flat, droning beeeeeeeep…. they had coded out.

Then Kirk found the shock paddles… engineered a few TD drives…. and from there… whew! What a ride!

Andy Pollin and I recap the amazing run, and a variety of other topics this week in the “SRBFTD Podcast.” Including… but not limited to…

– Andy calling this team the “Patriots of the NFC East”
– Whether or not we would spurge for any NFC East Champs gear
– Kirk’s kneel-down, and why it was just the second worst all year
– What Scot McLoughan has brought to the organization
– How sweet it was to listen to Philly sports radio after Chip was fired
– Which opponent (MIN, GB, or SEA) we’d prefer in the playoffs

And…. we’ve got another edition of “Random Redskins” letters T-U-V.

So sit back, pour yourself a cold sarsaparilla, and enjoy.



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