It’s Science: The Only Way to Have Fun on New Year’s: Don’t Try!


Something tells me there might be something to this philosophy, that can apply to life in GENERAL and not just trying to replicate some idyllic New Year’s Eve celebration you only see in the movies. From the Washington Post…

The study found that an overwhelming 83 percent of those they surveyed ended up being disappointed with their New Year’s Eve celebration. And the people who were the most let down were those with the highest expectations.

Those who were expecting to attend a big party on New Year’s Eve ended up being the most disappointed, followed by those who planned a small party, followed by those who had no plans to celebrate. Similarly, those who had anticipated enjoying New Year’s Eve and expected to spend time on preparations for the event were significantly more likely to say they were disappointed afterwards.

The researchers can’t be sure just why this happened. However, another studythey did around the same time supports the idea that trying to have a great time is one of the surest ways to undermine your own experience.

I always joke to my wife watching Times Square on TV: “Hey hunny, let’s do THAT next year!” And yeah… it’s about 12 hours of standing and not pissing your pants, for 1 minute of “hoorah!”

In the immortal words of Solly….. “pffft… suckers.”



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