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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    Wendell Samuels

    This team will look like the Eagles next year. You are delusional. The Redskins continue to be mediocre. They don’t know how to be winners. Why give Gruden so much credit, his record speaks for itself

  2. 2

    Charles K Williams

    That was excellent and as a lifetime #Skins fan and season ticket holder this story makes me feel much better after this heart wrenching loss. Thanks Steve for the positive outlook.

  3. 3


    You are crazy for your love for Jay and kirk. Fantasy football is great but all i care about is W. Ever since Kirk has taken over everyone talks about he needs to be surrounded for everything to work great I’m sorry Drew Brees lifted his team. all you needed was a field goal to win, couldn’t make it happen couldn’t win the Giants game you can accept this. I’ve been a Skins fan for 30 years I refuse to accept it and yes I’m not paying this m************ s***.

  4. 4


    Sorry Czabe , happiest dude right now? Tony fucking Romo , haha

  5. 5

    t. rissle

    Wow. Game bad. I am torn on whether this hurts as much as last years idiotic losses to NYG in week 17 or whatever happened in zona.

    Kirk haters note that Kirk’s last 6 plays were mostly dropped passes, guys materializing right on top of him within seconds, a full balls to the wall blitz. He can throw the ball directly into the hands of his best receiver (which is a TE) but he can’t make him catch it. He can’t Brett Favre every play into a miracle. How many rushing yards and TD’s does he have? Boy can run, yo.

    This sucked, I look forward to the fools’ gold of the next 6 games of teams that aren’t the NFC divisional playoff round roster.

  6. 6

    Tick Tock

    I’m too lazy to look it up but what year did the Browns win 11 games in the last 26 years?

  7. 7

    Adam Batcheller

    1994 Browns won 11 Games

  8. 8

    Tony Beres

    Steve, as a long time Packer fan I feel your pain. I remember a game I had already put in the win column that miraculously wasn’t. On the bright side look at it this was if I would of told you last Friday that you would take the Saints to OT but lose I think you would of said well that would be great. The Redskins have played great this year considering all of the injuries, and you should have a bright outlook for next year with one exception. There is NO way Kirk, Kurt, Kip, (or whatever the President of pants and picnics calls him) is coming back. There are a ton of teams that are going to be gunning for him and I would say your biggest competition is going to be from Jacksonville. They have a stud defense, a stud running back, and some good wide receivers. The only thing holding them from winning the AFC is a good QB. For them he doesn’t have to be a unicorn, just competent. I can see them coming hard for Cousins in the off season. Throw in Denver, Cincy, Zona, Steelers, and maybe even the Niners and unless Washington comes up big he is gone.

  9. 9


    Every team is one big hit from losing a QB and going 3-13. Why in the world would anyone pay thousands for season tickets when this is a possibility? Are they nuts?
    Every owner thinks a frozen envelope is the only thing between them and a ring. Wrong.
    Get a FB, get a mobile QB, get some blocking non-prima Donna ends, getunder center and play football.
    There are no magic solutions for winning in the NFL. If you went 4-0 like the Chiefs it is pure dumb luck (Luck).

  10. 10


    I have to disagree about Gruden. Your description qualifies him to be a good offensive coordinator, but he hasn’t shown the chops to continue as head coach. The one thing he has done that I can’t seem to forgive was hiring JOE BARRY as defensive coach. That is 100% on Jay Gruden. Wade Phillips was available, but he went with Mr. 0-16. What did he think was gonna happen? Every football fan knew it was a huge mistake. What did Gruden see in the guy that made him think he’d improve the D?? If he’d gotten someone respectable or even a Manusky instead, the Skins might’ve had a shot at the playoffs. But we suffered through two seasons of the worst defense…all because he brought in his buddy. Maybe Wade was too much of a threat to his job. Can’t respect him for that.


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