Why Do Radio Stations Still Flock To Radio Row?


Tradition, I suppose. Or perhaps NOT going sends a sign of weakness to advertisers in your market? I mean, I don’t entirely get it, but then again I look at it from a talent standpoint, not sales. I know this: I don’t mind NOT going. Especially, when the location is in a not-so-warm or not-so-fun venue.

And I know the average listener hates it. H-A-T-E-S.

This week Andy Pollin and I give you perspective of many years on “Radio Row” and what is good (very little) and bad (most) about it all.

From there, we venture into remembering when and where we were, at the most glorious Redskins moments in Super Bowl history. Andy’s dad nearly burning down the house on Gary Yapremian’s classic flub in Super Bowl VII. My college roommates acting like total bitches when the Broncos collapsed, and more!

Lastly, we talk about the NFL’s hardballing of the guy who has the only copy of Super Bowl I still in existence.

Should be a nice way to waste 36 minutes, and it’s absolutely free!*

*until we find a way to gouge you suckers! 🙂



  1. I could not care less about Jerry Rice pitching new, improved Rogaine or Bill Romanowski acting like a goof in civilian life after acting like a goof on the football field for a dozen years. In fact, the thing I like least about sports talk radio is athlete and former-athlete interviews. Most of these guys are dumber than a box of crayons and have nothing insightful to add to any conversation. That’s why I turn off sports talk radio after 9 AM EST during Super Bowl week…not interesting. Please stay home every year, Czabe!


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