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    I would like to see them go back to the old “sudden death” (or “sudden victory” in today’s PC world) with one exception-do away with the coin toss to start overtime and instead go to alternating possession. Since most teams think that it is advantageous to “defer” to the second half so they can attempt to get the double possession (score to end the first half and get the ball to start the second half), they now would be at a disadvantage to start overtime. It is a risk each team must take – a guaranteed “advantage” for the second half or a possible chance at a huge disadvantage for overtime.

    Imagine your Kirk led Redskins against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. NE wins the pre-game coin toss and elects to defer. Patriots kick-off, the game is back and forth, the Patriots score to end the second quarter. Pats get the ball to start the 3rd and score again. Your beloved Redskins are now down 14 pts. Krik puts on a show and leads his (and your) team to tie the game at the end of regulation. Overtime. Pats now have to kick since it is there turn. ‘Skins recover the onside kick. Kirk moves the ball but the play stalls. In comes your boy Dustin Hopkins to kick the 45 yarder for the win.
    Lord Belichick’s advantage of deferring has come back and kicked him in the fella’s.

    That, my radio friend, is a double win.

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    Clonemaster Sluggo

    Player safety my butt. This is about the NFL believing the games are getting too long and is allied to the reduction in breaks the league is trying for.

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    Just go to the college rules already.

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    Czabe, I love your phrase “Pussyboy fair-is-fair rules.” Its on the nose accurate.

    College “overtime” is a bloated dog-and-pony show. Its a tie-breaker, not overtime, and its a failure.

    Go back to true sudden death. The 53% win stat was always very overrated and never broken down. The relevant stat isn’t what % are won by the team winning the coin toss, its what % was won on first offensive possession. Important distinction and one that the “fair play” advocates seldom made. If you can’t win in 60 regulation minutes and then can’t stop the other team from driving down and kicking a FG, tough cookies. You lost. Just because you never possessed the ball doesn’t make it unfair.

    And if the league is now going to be ok with more ties, just get rid of overtime entirely and save us all the time and trouble. That’s the true answer anyway if player safety actually is their goal. Besides, with the 2 point conversion we shouldn’t really overtime to determine a winner anyway.

    Keep up the good work Czabe!


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