We Never Had Any of This Cool Stuff When I Was A Kid


Not the guns, not the consumer level hi-speed cameras, nothing. We had a rock, and a stick… AND WE LIKED IT!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad as kids, but I remember when my brother Jim and I decided to use my dad’s old 8MM film camera to shoot a “movie” called “Buck Rodgers Lost in Space.”

The big special effects shot was a model of the Space Shuttle (I built it) being destroyed by a well placed M-80 firecracker (my brother blew it up). Now, before anyone gets their titties in a pinch, this was in 1983 – well before the Challenger explosion. Okay. Good.

The footage was, well, less than spectacular. Imagine what we could do today.

This was how I spend my Saturday with my nephews in Collegeville, PA.

Like many kids their age, airsoft guns are all the rage. And it’s amazing how REALISTIC and HEAVY they are built. Without the orange tip on the muzzle, it would take an actual gun owner to tell it wasn’t the real deal.

I was using my Sony RX-100 iv pocket camera, on the 960 frames per second setting. It’s wicked cool, eh? The camera has a 480 frames per second setting that is of higher quality output, and 240. But your iPhone probably already has that.

You can only take about 5 seconds of real time footage in that setting, and it’s finicky to get the settings just right. But we had a blast.

Next time, I’m gonna have the boys build some little lego men. I bet those suckers would just EXPLODE on impact!


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