When All You Do Is Win, Every Day is A Smiling Photo-Op


This week Andy and I examine the gap – no, the massive chasm – between our football team, and that of the New England Professional Football Patriots Inc. Look, did our guys crap the bed with a pop-up droperception and a dopey on-sides kick botch to fall behind 14-0?

Yes, yes they we did.

But at the same time, I didn’t think the Pats played a very good game, and they did some uncharacteristically crazy-bad things as judged by their own standards. This was a game where the Patriots had 1st and goal twice, and settled for FGs thanks to penalties each time. Rare. Tom Brady threw a red-zone pick (and a “belly ball” at that!) which is the equivalent of seeing a comet fly right over your head in broad daylight. As of last fall, Brady’s TD/INTs in the Red Zone was something like 145-3! (I don’t know what it is exactly, now, however.)

Oh, and the Patriots PUNTED at the +34 yard line, in the 4th quarter, up 27-3. Yeah, PUNTED. Nuts.

So the Skins are “in the grind” and getting better is gonna take time, time, time. Something we certainly are not good at around here.

Andy and I discuss the unit-by-unit weaknesses of this team, the hodgepodge history of how acquiring players has been done around here. Also, Andy has “Random Redskins” Volume C’s and D’s. Plus an anecdote from the disastrous Michael Jordan era with the Wizards.


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