Billy Walters: American Bad-Ass Gambler



  1. STEVE! I didn’t see one in your archives. So could you please do a ‘Snicky-dejour’ on Lara Logan? I mean, Holy Crap! As if her beautifully red-outlined, sparkling white smile and fawning green eyes weren’t enough of a lure, those dimples definitely suck you in faster than a ‘Billy-moved’ Vegas line.
    And hers is just the body language (be it faked or not) that self-made men like Billie (awe hell, ALL men) enjoy, regardless of their agenda.
    And then top all of this off with her ‘whipped-cream and cherry’ British accent, and I’m sporting more wood than the World Lumberjack Championship up in Hayward, WI:
    I hope she’s showing at least SOME love to co-producers Tom Anderson and Coleman Cowan because this is quality journalism: from explaining the ‘spread/line’ and including interviews with his “competition” to getting him to show how at least most of his operation works. Oh, and don’t forget that little self-glorifying stint at his favorite charity.
    But back to the subject “in hand” (cum ON!, you know it’s true), please PLEASE could you put together one of you’re Pulitzer-winning, degrading and demoralizing ‘Snicky’ compilations of Lara for us?

    Keep up the great work, and God bless,
    Matt Von Rueden
    Loyal, 20+ yr B&B listener: Watertown, WI


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