Maybe I (And Others…) Were A Bit Too Harsh On Rodman’s Trip to North Korea

I was sent this video link by a listener who claims the ENTIRE PURPOSE of Rodman’s pick-up game in front of Kim Jon Il was solely to get an American camera crew inside the “Hermit Kingdom” to film whatever they could.

If so, wow, what a slam dunk!

VICE News – a new media outlet that is doing some incredible documentary work in dangerous places – produced this 31 minute video of Rodman’s trip with several Globetrotters in tow.

How often can you say somebody sent you a THIRTY-FUCKING-ONE minute YouTube link… and that you watched EVERY SECOND OF IT without even moving from your chair?

I can say that. I think you will too. Grab a beverage, make sure you have enough bandwidth, and get ready to be hypnotized, amazed, sickened, and scared shitless all at once.

And oh yeah… SEMI-SPOILER ALERT (!) … the guy “using” Google in the “computer lab”?

WTF… priceless!



  1. What a COOL and revealing video… but the end is also quite nice. A bunch of kids get to have some fun through sports. What a worldwide concept.

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