“We’re The Millers”: Highly Under-rated

Not going to put it in the Wedding Crashers/40 Year Old Virgin level of “hard-R” rated comedies, but it is quite solid. If you have planned to watch the movie already, DON’T watch this. Too many good lines burned. If you were going to skip it, well then, your homework has been reduced to a six minute cheat sheet.

Tiger Woods: “Golfing Rock Bottom”

The crash into the tree on Thanksgiving night was certainly “Personal Rock Bottom” for Eldrick, but this showing in August of 2010 at the WGC at Firestone (a course he’s owned, BTW) had to be “Golfing Rock Bottom.”

Nearly finished DFL, if not for Henrik Stenson.

+18 and totally lost. He’s come a long way since then. But still no more majors.

Is 2014 the year for that? We shall see….