Trail Camera Finds Deer, And Possible UFO


Mock my obsession with this stuff all you want, people, but just what in the f*** could THIS be? I’ll hang up, and listen to your answers off the air.


  1. Here is the explanation from s skeptics site:

    “It’s an internal reflection of the deer itself, which is not facing away from the cam, but facing TOWARDS it so we see the reflection of the camera’s own IR light source in the reflective retinas of its eyes in the internal reflections of the lens (and/or the glass in front of the lens).
    The deer is so overexposed that we can’t see if it’s facing towards us or away. It’s towards us. Note how the two “light sources” are EXACTLY the same distance apart you’d expect the deer’s eyes to be.
    That’s why the light “fog” appears and goes away matching the deer’s presence in front of the lens.”
    Another person made this:

  2. Well there should be a RADAR signature since you have Mobile Regional Airport to the East, Eglin AFB to the East, Keesler AFB to the South. Hagler Army Air Field to the North. Gulfport – Biloxi Airport to the South.John C. Stennis NASA Space Center to the West and finally New Orleans International farther West. If something was flying around in the woods north of Biloxi around 7:30PM one or more of the RADAR from those locations would have traced it. Now there is some thing to think about.

  3. this one is easy. as a hunter myself I can identify this as a drone. So get out your shot gun because your property is being watched.


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