“You are the archbishop of white-collar, Mid-Atlantic confessional..”

My deepest reason for listening to the show is because I feel like I connect with it.  I’m a 37 year old laboratory equipment service manager in Richmond, VA who has a beloved lawn and vegetable garden, a recently-replaced furnace, a testosterone prescription, a rescue pit bull, and a membership with Scott and Solly’s people (even though I was adopted when my Shiksa mother married in.)
You’re right, I can live without the show.  But, it’s the only thing I make sure I consume.  I have Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, all the sports on Verizon FIOS, Grand Theft Auto, but I listen to Czabe seven days a week, because it is chicken soup for this guy’s soul, even when I bump into a chunk of carrot or celery.
a. Yes to Al Swearengen.
b. Yes to Unforgiven: “Deserves got nothing to do with it.”
c. If you found Redneck Confessional for the SEC listening to XM, you are the archbishop of white-collar, Mid-Atlantic confessional, even when you do stick a perfect landing on “Where you at; what you haulin’”.
d. One day I will bump into Eric at the Delaware Park “Sports book”.
e. My sister and brother-in-law live in Rivercrest in Phoenixville.
f. No need to respond.  Thanks for taking the time to respond with my last email.  That’s why I tune in.
Enjoy the trip to Phiwwy,
Robert Gambill


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