“Simple, humble… perfect!”



In watching the Golf channel coverage this week, I think I found one more small reason to love the Masters and Augusta National.

I don’t know why it has escaped me in the past, but I noticed that the players carry their own practice balls to the range in little green drawstring bags. I suspect this is not something they have to do at weekly tour stops.  They usually have an endless supply of balls at their reserved and named spot on the range.

Not sure why,  but the thought  of these normally pampered pros picking up their bags and heading to the range as if at the local muni just makes me smile.

Simple, humble, perfect!

Just one more little reason to love this tournament, and this entire week.

Keep up the great work with the boys on the radio.

Leo Wiltgen
Atlanta, GA


  1. Leo – not to dampen your enthusiasm, but at most tournaments the pros do carry their own practice balls – actually most of the time the caddies do the carrying. Some tournaments use little plastic buckets (like you might find used at the local muni) and some use bags. They will have all the major ball manufactures available for the player to select their brand new out of the box white eggs to commence their routine. What is different is the location of where the players retrieve said balls – on the Tour, its usually a tent by the range…at the Masters, its in the Clubhouse. Also, what you don’t see at the Masters on the range is signs with the players name on it so pinhead fans can identify who is who practicing.


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