Fans Lament The Death of “Gargantubracket”


Mr. Czaban,

Your feelings about the irrelevancy/obsolescence of the GarBracket are crap.  As the go-to guy for scores of people for a printed,  11”x17”, full-color, gloriously information filled document, I think you are greatly undervaluing the GB.

Most of my friends and colleagues had not heard of the Steve Czaban show until made aware by the GarBracket.  Each year more and more people requested and received Mr. Turner’s work of art.  These people were amazed by all the info available at a glance, without registering, without pop-up ads, without having to pull out a smart phone – which is a cool move in DC, I guess.

This year, my social status has plummeted because you Steve, are unable to muster up the labor intensive overhead required to send an email to Bradley and post a .pdf on your website.  The core issue, as you pointed out on Monday’s show, is that “YOU DON’T HAVE A SPONSOR FOR THIS THING.”  Of course Steve, why expend all of that labor, get exposure for the show, get exposure for Yahoo Sports and make all of these people happy and NOT GET PAID??  I mean, you already do this Twitter thing for free right?  Where does a businessman draw the line??


(yeah, not really)


Amarillo, Texas (No trees to drive into, so there)


  1. Seriously, I NEED THE GARBRACKET BACK!!! THIS WAS AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF MARCH MADNESS HISTORY, and now it’s gone, like all those cinderallas and mid-majors chances… THANKS STEVE for getting my hopes up

  2. Would like to know more on why the Gargantubracket is gone. Can someone explian? Was it Bradley Turner’s decision to not make one? Or did he make one and it just isn’t posted? Last year the graphics guy at work printed out several 4ft x 6 ft full color copies and hung them all over the office, it was great fun. Dissapointed to see it gone.


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