“Mike and Mike Had Me Back on Pop Radio After 3 Days…”



Since arriving at the Steve Czaban show as a refugee from the collapsed Sports Reporter monarchy, I’ve had the urge to email you roughly every other week – mostly with reasons I like the show, or appreciate the humor, etc. Because I’m typically a week or more behind, though, I never did. (I don’t have a terrestrial affiliate and listen via podcast, at double speed.) It just didn’t seem like a good use of your time.

Fast forward to about a month ago, when my first generation ipod touch finally bit the dust. (Don’t knock it, I believe I may have had the last first gen that was still rocking Words with Friends since it requires iOS 5 and the first gen’s don’t go past iOS 3.) So I was forced to listen to M&M on the morning drive and local sports yak on the way home. I won’t say anything bad about the local guy, he’s just a reporter by trade, not a radio host, but M&M had me back on pop radio after 3 days. Probably didn’t help that day 2 was Michael Sam day, but this is my point. They fill airtime with sports programming, you talk about sports and other stuff on air.

I’ve now arrived in 2010 with an iphone 4s that AT&T is paying me to use and am happily and rapidly catching up on everything I missed, but I just wanted to point out that your show is worth catching up, hour after hour, not just starting over again the day my iphone came in the mail.

Oh, and because I may as well:

1) Love the new mega-format, though I think I’m starting to miss Joey T explain the troubles of needing to google-map the restrooms in every stadium.

2) Who writes the notes on the podcasts? I always imagine it’s Sully …in the Eeyore voice.

3) How are you not “recruiting” Murray to Czabe-Vegas as a mockery of signing day? Send him a huge stack of letters every day. Bring him in for official and non-official tours of past Vegas trips’ photo albums. You can even bring in a “booster” to rail against your incompetence when you miss out and he “signs” with whatever it is he’s doing that weekend because his trip out isn’t comped.

4) Didn’t you say the peeping Tom was the best thing that would ever happen to Erin Andrews …FOUR YEARS AGO? Pretty sure that happened.

5) This might be a dumb question, a day late I believe: How much would a scholarship to the Sports Radio Training Academy cost? And what would the prize be if I donated that for M&M.

Thanks for making me laugh, and almost never making me yell,

Jared Cohn


  1. ESPN is a vast wasteland and I would be perfectly happy if it was moved to a pay for tier and my TV bill went down $5.00/month. The only time I watch it is if there is an actual game that I want to see. When ever I hear or see someone in sports media bitch and moan about ESPN I immediately thing, “The why on earth do you watch it!?” Then I realize that its hard for them to do their job and be completely ignorant of the goings on in the largest sports channel in world. I guess its one of the few downside to being in sports media.

  2. ESPN, the home of the world’s oldest fraternity brother, Chris Berman. You could only imagine the vile acts he did while at Brown.

    If you or me could only have that alleged device talked about on those overnight supernatural radio programs called the chronovisor, which allows the viewer to look into the past without leaving the present, just to see how our favorite given ESPN personality behaved in college.

    Steve, you know you have an insatiable curiosity to see how Suzi Kolber became who she is now. I would like to see the origins of Mel Kiper’s hair, and does it in fact deflect bullets.

    Then again, the chronovisor is no more genuine than Ron and Nicole’s real killers.


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