“Pimp My Grill” And Other Ideas For Our Wednesday Feature



After that guy started assigning points by GPA and conference strength I almost dropped one of my ideas but I’m going to keep it.  Here are some bits that I think will mesh…

1.  “If I were the commish” (aka “rule change”!)

Callers can make any hypothetical change to any sport to make it more interesting.  But like I said above, you risk the danger of a douche nozzle trying to reinvent E equals MC squared.  Even given the risk I know you will have a boatload of listener provided content.

2.  Pimp my Grill.

You have always said the show is about you.  Well, as a fellow griller and meat lover I think that if you asked customers to provide their favorite grilling recipes it would take the edge off of the slow days.  Everyone has a great tailgate concoction they would love to share.

3.  Beat the Czabe

Akin to 80s rejoin but you structure 3 sports trivia questions and if a caller gets 2 he wins and vice versa.  There are a lot of ways to set it up.  Eg Solly could set up “over under” type
Questions to make it simpler.

That’s all I have now but I think they all beat man crush.  IMHO.




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