Once Upon A Time, Gordon Was Less Liked Than Elevator Farts



Heard you saying the other day that NASCAR fans in the 90’s unfairly rejected the young hotshot because he was good enough to beat the sport’s icon, Dale Sr.

No, Gordon was hated because he was a whiny, snot nose little bitch when he came on the Nascar scene. I have never heard a driver whine so much on the radio during a race … except for Dale Jr. He was also the new breed of drivers who didn’t really want anything to do with the fans.

I was at races where Dale Sr, Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin would be out in front of their mobile homes 3 hours before the race signing autographs and walk thru the crowds to the drivers meeting while Gordon and that psycho ho beast he married who later took him for $ 50 million had to be driven in a van with blacked out windows ignoring the 100’s of fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse … hated that little bitch

Having said all that … saw the video today … now a Jeff Gordon fan …

Your Most Humble Servant
Brian McQuestion
Wawatosa, WI


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