Call of The Century


This was a perfect storm on Saturday night. A close (but legit) foul on a dead-eye shooter, a missed violation that even the courtside announcers didn’t initially recognize, and icewater veins to sink three winning free throws with the world watching and 0.6 on the clock. Wow. What a “guy!” Final Four recap with “Mr. X” and Texas Tech comin’ in “Guns Up” for history. The first ever Women’s Amateur at Augusta, Greek Freak, Aaron the Diva, and how about some “Idiots Justice” for that WWE fan who attacked Bret Hart?


  1. That photo is misleading. Watching the play live, the Auburn player moved into that position after the UVA kid jumped, thus impeding his ability to land. So while the contact during the shot might me incidental, that’s a call that’s been stressed all year this year in the NCAA and the last two in the NBA. It’s a no-brainer. The one thing the photo does proves . . . white men, at least some of them, can jump.


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