FIFA: The World’s Largest, Legal, Crime Syndicate


While I loathe the “you’ve GOT to see this” exhortation about any video on the internet, I would say this one comes close.

Your life won’t change, but you’ll enjoy these 13 minutes more than any other 13 minute stretch in your otherwise mundane Tuesday.


  1. I was listening to your comments on this on Bob & Brian, and I’m surprised the Sochi Olympics didn’t get referenced when talking about remote, lonely places to build sports facilities.

  2. Just the funniest yet compelling presentation about the corruption associated with FIFA. No doubt well worth the few minutes it takes to watch.

  3. I rarely laugh at YouTube stuff these days because most of it is just low-hanging fruit humor. But this did indeed have me laughing out loud and shaking my head at the insanity of the topic. Intelligent humor wins everytime, and when it’s delivered by a British gentlemen who can laugh along with us, it’s even more amusing.


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