Jet Fan Lament: “Great, Now Michael Vick…”



Been a Jets fan since 1979.

I’ve sat through all the bad coaches, bad personnel moves (top 10 tight end selections in back to back years, Blair Thomas…), and game chokes.  I sat through the playoff choke to Cleveland in 85 as they lost a 10 point lead with 4 minutes left.  I was at the fake spike game.  I  flew to Pitt from San Diego a couple years back for the AFC title game.  I’ve seen it all with this team and never waivered.

Well they finally got me with the signing of this scumbag Michael Vick.  The one who’s only “sorry” because he got caught.  If he wasn’t caught is there any doubt BNK would still be up and running???  Of course it would be.

Upon the news popping up on my phone on Friday afternoon that he had been signed I had a sick and pissed off feeling come over me.

I went home.  I ranted to other Jets fans.  This isn’t Philly, this is NY.  I expect more.  That shirt I was wearing, went right into the trash.  And I left some Jets fan groups that I had been a part of on Facebook.  Normally I would’ve made the trip over to SD to see them play this year, but I just saved my self a few hundred dollars w/ this decision.

I have slaughtered the team website, twitter and signed onto petitions to get rid of this piece of sub human garbage.

Every Jet piece of paraphernalia I own will be boxed up until Michael Vick is no longer a member of this team.

I hope they go 0-16, but I’m thinking 6-10 is more realistic.  The secondary which was atrocious last year is even worse now, and they signed a bad qb that’s a turnover machine to “mentor” the current quarterback.  Typical Jets football decision making move.

Did you notice that they never took Vick out to dinner the way they did with Eric Decker… They knew this was shady shit, and did it as quietly as they could.

Many fans are pissed off.  I can only hope for the Jets to have a home game blackout this year. That would be the ultimate kick in the balls to Woody Johnson.

Can’t wait for that first presser.  You think the press will be asking questions about the Italian right tackle they signed???

Isn’t it ironic that Woody Johnson whose JnJ website uses the word “care” on it’s front page, and Woody goes out and employs a killer????  Fuck him and the Jets I say.  Nobody won the bigger sperm Olympics than Woody Johnson.

I won’t touch this team until Vick is gone, and I hope to see him lying crumbled on the MetLife turf this year.  Snoopy better run for his life.

I’m done with this team.  See you in 2015, and I hope the Pats kick the shit out of them 2x this year.  That will be fun to see.

Phx, AZ


  1. While I am not condoning Vick’s actions, I wonder how many times you were “done with the team” or done with watching the NFL when a wife beater was on TV? Or how many times were you done when one of the player was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder or convicted of vehiciular homicide.

    You seem to hold dogs in higher regard than humans.


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