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Alex Rodriguez Was A Disaster on Wild Card Game

“He dominated the broadcast to the point you had to wonder at times if his co-analyst, Jessica Mendoza, was still in the booth. No matter who is on a baseball broadcast with him, Rodriguez is always going to be the dominant personality. That’s who he is.”

  1. How A-Rod Whiffed in His ESPN Wildcard Showcase
  2. Randy Edsall Has “1st Half Lead” Bonuses
  3. All The College Coaching Salaries
  4. Parent Brawl in Pee-Wee Football Handshake Line
  5. These People Are Rich, Very Rich
  6. Four Day Workweek Made Permanent? “No Downside”
  7. In Mexico, Sharing Memes Might Soon Land You In Jail
  8. Pretty Sure A Crucifix Attack Means You Are Going to Hell
  9. Jemele Hill Turns Trump Hate Into New Career
  10. Roseanne Show, Minus Roseanne? Awkward.

Take Fake Dump, Make Real Money

What a country! Isiah Crowell, who once famously re-tweeted a vile artist rendering of a police officer having his throat slit, decided to wipe his butthole with the football after a touchdown on national TV. Instead of being cut as an idiot whom you can’t trust with a gameplan, he suffered a $13,000 fine from the league, offset by an endorsement opportunity from Dude Wipes. What a country!

  1. Isiah Crowell Finds Green, After Wiping Away The Browns
  2. Steelers Management Should Take the Blame for Botched Bell Deal
  3. Kyrie Irving Comes Clean: Columbus Was Right
  4. Creepy Old Man Tries to Buy 8 Year Old, At Walmart. Florida, natch.
  5. You Will Laugh At This… Then Hate Yourself. Then Hit “Play Again”
  6. University Bans Clapping: Please Use Jazz Hands Instead
  7. Deer Runs As Lead Blocker on 90 Yard HS Touchdown
  8. Mavericks Know How To Fly First Class
  9. NFL Might Be Splitting With DirecTV on Sunday Ticket
  10. Mike Leach Lecture Series 101: “Run/Pass Balance is Bullshit”

Despite Shutout of Bills, Aaron Rodgers Peeved at Timid Game Plan

“If you’ve been following the Packers through the Rodgers era, then the tension between him and McCarthy isn’t new. In the past, though, it’s been more obvious on the sidelines. Over the years the quarterback has barked at the coach because of some decision or other, and the coach sometimes has barked back. But this seems to run deeper. The two have been working together for 13 years, with Rodgers the starting quarterback the last 10. That’s a long time in the NFL, where about one-third of the roster turns over every year.”

  1. Potential McCarthy-Rodgers Rift Needs Resolution
  2. Earl Thomas’ Bet On His Health Comes Up Empty
  3. Molinari and Fleetwood Cut Epic Post-Ryder Victory Viral Video
  4. 927-and-Done? Bryce Harper Has Likely Played His Last Game for DC
  5. And That Should Be It Too, For Tiger & Phil at the Ryder Cup
  6. “Gender Reveal” Parties Must Die A Slow and Painful Death!
  7. When A WR is Wiiiiiide Open… Be Afraid. Very Afraid!
  8. NFL Comp Committee Thinks Clay Matthews Call Was Wrong
  9. Aquilar Puts Cubs on Notice: “They Know They Got Problem Tomorrow”
  10. “Thor” Breaks Bat On Swing Without Contact


Backspin Defeats Gravity 3&2

When I say this is the most amazing golf highlight under 5 seconds long in history, I am not exaggerating. Watch Tyrell Hatton’s wedge shot nearly go in, actually *kissing* the flagstick, then hovering on the edge of the hole as a furious amount of backspin keeps gravity at bay for just long enough to get traction on the edge of the cup before spinning away from the hole. Physics is a bitch sometimes, no?

  1. PGA Tour Player Gets Worst Bounce (spin) Ever To Deny Hole Out
  2. NFL Ratings Could Take Another Nose Dive This Year
  3. Man Mauled By Snake, Bear, Shark. Lives To Tell Story
  4. Yeah, That’s A New (Awful) Rule in College Football This Year
  5. Braylon Edwards Has No Use (Nor Love) For Jim Harbaugh
  6. Ravens Rookie PK/P Kaare Vedvik Severely Beaten in Baltimore
  7. Insane Baseball Dopplegangers Are…. Real!
  8. Aretha’s Family to Pastor: Thanks For Nothing
  9. Now That’s How You Block A Punt!
  10. Kuwaiti Fish Market Using “Google Eyes” to Dupe Buyers

Pre-tay, Pre-tay…. Good: Brewers Win Wildest Game of 2018

Nothing like a 6-for-6 night including a cycle by Christian Yelich, a totally horseshit call by the boys in blue on what should have been a 3rd-strike-foul-tip (I guess replay couldn’t fix that one, eh?) and a couple of late bombs by Moustakas and Aguilar to seal the deal. Oh, and there was a rain delay to boot. Baseball, funny game!

  1. Brewers Prevail In Crazy Extra Inning Game That Had It All
  2. Mychal Kendricks Insider Trading Charges Could Include Serious Jail Time
  3. Don’t Kid Youself: Adrian Peterson Is Going to Suck As A Redskin
  4. Inside Aaron Rodgers Massive New Contract Extension
  5. Knicks Fan Sells His “Fandom” To Lakers For $3450
  6. Lots of Tech Experts Were Sure The iPhone Was Gonna Suck
  7. Ugly Ryder Cup ’99 USA Shirt Sold at Auction for $3,906
  8. Soccer Coach Tells Reporter to Respect His 3 Rings
  9. The Age of Celebrity Politics Is Here To Stay
  10. The “Holy Grail” of Diet Pills?

The Hero America Needs Right Now

In these times of rampant nonsense, nothing cleanses the psychic palate like a work of modern, digital viral video art. You sir, “Paul Flart” aka: the flatulent security guard, are a genius. They say that true art, is seeing the possible where it doesn’t exist. It is finding the beautiful, amid a sea of ugly. It’s turning the smelly and disgusting, into something that brings joy and laughter to millions. So what if you got fired? You had the balls and the sphincter to keep that cell phone rolling in vertical video the whole time. You are internet legend.

  1. Security Guard Films Himself Farting For 6 Months At Work….
  2. ….. Then Is Promptly Fired Once Video Goes Viral
  3. Major Overhaul Headed For PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup
  4. Hurricanes Debut Uniforms Made From… Ocean Trash?
  5. The Reporter Who Won’t Let the NFL Go “Off Record”
  6. Kirk Cousins Is The NFL’s Greatest Gambler
  7. Doctor Death: Husband Kills Wife With Carbon Monoxide Yoga Balls
  8. Ted Leonsis To Give All 500 Employees Stanley Cup Rings
  9. Drone Records Whisker Close Near-Miss With Helicopter
  10. The Men of #MeToo Are Crawling Out From Hiding

Did John Elway’s Big Mouth Just Give Kap’s Lawyers More Ammo?

Jan 1, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) passes the football against Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark (55) during the fourth quarter at Levis Stadium Seahawks defeated the 49ers 25-23. Mandatory Credit: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

“You know what, and I said this a while ago: Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it. And as I said at my deposition—and I don’t know if I’ll be legally able to say this—but he had his chance to be here. He passed it.”

  1. When You Think You Shouldn’t Say Something… Don’t
  2. UMD’s “Bowtie Wally” Rejected Plan To Improve Athlete Treatment
  3. Notre Dame Whips Up Yankee Themed Special ALT Uni’s
  4. Joe Tessitore Charged With Re-Booting Sagging MNF Booth on ESPN
  5. Chip Kelly Rested, Ready to Come Back And Kick Some Ass
  6. ESPN Revamps “Bottom Line” Score Strip
  7. And May Beg Chris Berman To Return? Berman!?
  8. Keith Hernandez Is One Fat, Retired, Baseball Tough Guy
  9. Little League Coach Pulls Ice Cold Move, Benches Son
  10. RIP Aretha: You Made Us All “Think”

The QB World According to Jags CB Jalen Ramsey

In an interview with GQ published Wednesday, Ramsey offered candid takes on a plethora of starting quarterbacks, including a fresh batch of rookies. In a few breaths, he sang the praises of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson (they do look good!), while positing that Buffalo’s new gunslinger, Josh Allen, “is trash” with a “big arm, supposedly” (1,000 percent yes!).

  1. Not Trying To Win Friends, or Influence People
  2. The Ugliest Divorce: Su’a Cravens & The Redskins
  3. Gronk Saves His Football Money, Lives off Endorsements
  4. Kentucky Derby Announcer Sues Over Trademark Call
  5. Rick Pitino Names Horse: “Party Dancer”
  6. Jay Gruden: Training Camp Mic’d Up!
  7. Only The French Would Do This
  8. Historical Comps For Top 12 Running Backs in Fantasy
  9. The Rudest Parrot….. Ever!
  10. Purple Martin 101: The Life I’ve Chosen

GM Elway Keeps Rolling Snake Eyes at Quarterback

Lynch failed to seize the starting job in each of the last two seasons after being selected No. 26 overall in 2016 out of Memphis. He was given a chance to take over for the role last November after Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler floundered, but he suffered an ankle injury in his first game of the year against the Raiders.

  1. When You Can’t Even Beat Out Those Chumps…
  2. Josh Norman Has Very Bad Ideas About QB Pay
  3. Keith Olbermann Calls MLB Game, People Are Mad
  4. Legal Sportsbook Set to Open :25 From My House!
  5. Maryland Tries to Stem The Bleeding on Scandal
  6. Baseball Playoff Odds: “Just tell me straight, doc, am I gonna make it?”
  7. Orcas: Assholes of The Ocean
  8. Lunatic Flies His Own Plane Into Own House
  9. Titleist To Roll Out Yellow…. ProV1’s?
  10. Talk About “Lowering the bar…” Sheesh…

The Decadent Eating Life of the Badgers Earth Movers

That might be one of the most accessible, decipherable statements from a group that communicates frequently in quotes from movies. The more obscure the reference, the better. “Nobody knows what they’re talking about except for them,” Badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook says.

  1. Immovable Feast: Inside Wisconsin’s O-Line
  2. LeSean McCoy Sued By Ex Over Home Invasion, Robbery, Beating
  3. Florio’s Easy Fix To the Awful Helmet Rule
  4. Pour One Out For “The Anvil”
  5. Andrew Luck Shaved. It Looks Weird
  6. Isiah Thomas Apologizes for Calling Cleveland “Shithole”
  7. The PGA of America’s Blazing Hypocrisy over DUI
  8. Bruce Bowen Speaks Mind on Kawhi, Loses Clippers Gig
  9. Mark Zuckerberg Is Out of His Depth
  10. Mike Franscesa Is Doing It Again!

You Are Not Troy Polamalu. Sorry.

“It is not known how the fan made it past security, but real Steelers players quickly noticed the impostor who wore a jersey that had little resemblance to the practice jerseys the Steelers wear.”


  1. Steelers Uber Fan/Imposter Gets In Some Practice Reps
  2. Skins and Jets Fight Over Who Sucks More
  3. The NFL Will Have Their Worst TV Ratings In Years in 2018
  4. Jim Brown: Not A Kneeler. Go @ Him, Twitter Tough Guys
  5. Tiger Finishing Runner Up in Girlfriend Department Too
  6. Defiant Maryland Football Program Reeling After ESPN Report
  7. Tour de France Champ Beats Up Frankfurt Hooker
  8. Let’s Get Ready to Gamble!
  9. Nice Shoes, Prolly Fake
  10. Holy Shit

Justin Verlander Says Kate Upton Lifted Him Out of Depression

“She was instrumental in me not…like, jumping off a bridge,’ he said. ‘I was depressed and kind of just upset at the world and trying to hide my own shit. She was what I needed. I don’t like to talk to people about being hurt. As athletes, you’re not supposed to. It’s an excuse. … But she was someone I could talk to. I mean, basically a therapist.”

  1. I Think We Can All Agree That Motorboating Is Good Therapy
  2. Hey Ump! Get The Bug Out of Your Ear, You Idiot!
  3. Why Wasn’t Ricky Fowler’s PGA Opening Round on Live TV?
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings Wants to Be Your Bookie
  5. Cam Newton Steps To Kelvin Benjamin Before Game Over Comments
  6. Former Redskin Safety Shawn Springs Working On Safer Helmets
  7. Dez Bryant and Browns Agree To Go On A Date Together
  8. Anthem Protests Begin Again, League Remains Paralyzed
  9. Britain Under Attack From “Drunk And Irritable” Wasps
  10. It Has Come To This….

What Cities In The U.S. Have The Most “Nice” Weather Days?

“Moderately warm temperatures, at least partial sunshine, a light breeze, low humidity and no precipitation. In other words, we’re highlighting comfortable days that don’t require a jacket, when you don’t feel like you’re stepping into a sauna, and when you won’t get poured on or blown away.”

  1. Nicest Weather Cities in America
  2. Aaron Rodgers Calls WR Effort in Practice “Piss Poor”
  3. Dallas Not Real Keen on Paying ESPN $300K For Bowl Game
  4. Braves Broadcaster Catches Heat for Soto Age Question
  5. The Wrong Tommy Fleetwood Gets British Open Check for $154,000
  6. Jack-in-the-Box Tries Out Good Ol’ Testicle Humor
  7. Kelly Kapowski Was A…. Feminist?
  8. Rory: Tiger Will Need to “Re-Learn” How To Win
  9. Dennis Hof: “Bye, Bye… Brothel!”
  10. Browns WR Antonio Calloway Is An Idiot

The Real Finances Behind LeBron’s Fancy New Elementary School

“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” said district spokesman Mark Williamson. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”



  1. Akron Taxpayers Will Pay For About 75%
  2. That’s Not A Bot… That’s Grandma!
  3. Mike Greenberg Is An Expert At Fence Straddling
  4. That Time Skip Bayless Said: Johnny Manziel > LeBron
  5. God Help Us, If The Redskins Ever Actually Build This Potato Chip
  6. DC Metro Orders All New Trains, Entire Fleet Needs Immediate Repairs
  7. Charles Oakley Is A Cheating Bitch at Poker
  8. Roanoke Times Sues Sportswriter…. Over His Twitter Handle
  9. Adam Sandler Is The King of Hollywood Kissers
  10. Congrats! You Won The “Underwater Challenge!”

What The Heck? Redskins Home Opener Not A Sellout?

“Single Game Tickets Available Now!” reads the subject of an email the Redskins sent to their subscriber list on Monday, which includes links to purchase tickets to all eight regular season home games at FedEx Field, including the home opener Sept. 16 against the Colts. The Redskins have occasionally advertised single-game tickets before, typically claiming seats became available “due to visiting team ticket returns.”

  1. Redskins Drop “Waiting List” Myth, Start Selling Games 1 At A Time
  2. What’s The Difference Between A Lawn and a Meadow?
  3. Voter Fraud: Why Sportswriters Shouldn’t Do HOF’s Bidding
  4. He Died Doing What He Loved Most: Eating Fast Food
  5. J-Lo To Star As “Stripper Robin Hood” – I’m There!
  6. Homeless Woman Says Kellen Winslow Jr. Is A Very, Very, Bad Man
  7. The Five Big Questions for PGA Championship At Bellrieve
  8. Scammers Threaten To Reveal Your Porn Habits: Don’t Fall For It!
  9. Identical Twin Sisters Marry Identical Twin Brothers
  10. Rhino Rams SUV at Mexican Safari Park